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(Grossfuerst x Aktuell/Cardinal xx)
Class I Elite Hanoverian Stallion
1982, 16.2H., Chestnut
AHS: ES 423
VhW: 31 8519382

Breeder: Karl Güenther Kip, Germany.

100-Day Perfomance Test: 1985 Münster-Handorf.
Overall Score: 127.93 (4/128, Class I status)
Character: 9, Temperament: 9,
Rideability: 8, Dressage: 8, Jumping: 8

Hanoverian Breeding Approval: American Hanoverian Society (AHS)and German Hanoverian Verband (VhW)
Also Fully Approved and Lifetime Breeding License from: German Westfalen & Oldenburg Verbands and ISR/Oldenburg N.A.

Guarantor is now enjoying his well deserved retirement at Bridlewood Farm. His well known offspring are noted for excelling in the dressage arena and many have gone on to become members of successful breeding programs to carry on Guarantor's legacy. His daughter Gisella is a valued member of our own broodmare program.


Guarantor has the legendary bloodline of Grande whose offspring have for decades dominated the international performance scene in both dressage and jumping . His sire, Celle stallion, Grossfuerst was champion of his 100-day testing. Guarantor also carries the famous blood of Absatz through the outstanding dressage sire Aktuell and the dressage lines of Cardinal xx and Diplomat.

Guarantor was 4th in his 100 day testing out of 128. He was Champion Stallion and Res. Grand Champion at Dressage at Devon and was USDF Horse of the Year at 2nd and 3rd Levels. He successfully competed in Prix St. Georges on the CA dressage circuit.
Guarantor was born in 1982 and was imported from Germany in 1986. In 1984 he was purchased by non-Germans and left in Germany to undergo the rigorous selection and testing prcess which precedes the licensing of breeding stallions there. He was fully approved for the Hanoverian, Westphalen and Oldenburg Studbooks in Germany and received outstanding scores on his 100-Day Performance Test in which he place 4th out of 128. He was highly praised for his spectacular gaits, kind temperament and generous character.
Guarantor was Champion Stallion and Reserve Grand Champion at Dressage at Devon and was USDF Horse of the Year at 2nd and 3rd Levels. He successfully competed in Prix St. Georges on the CA dressage circuit. His offspring have won Get of Sire classes at numerous breed shows.

Pictured at left is Guarantor being shown in-hand at age 16 at Dressage at the Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY.
Powerful and elastic movement, superb temperament, unparralleled pedigree, and genetic prepotence are combined in Guarantor to make him an outstanding choice for all sport horse mares.

Successful offspring include: Grand Prix competitor Glissade, successful Prix St. Georges competitor Good News, third level champion Gotcha, and Goalkeeper, USDF champion second level Horse of the Year over 355 qualifiers. Dressage champions include: Geena Golightly, Gabelle, Gatito, Glanzend, Gabriella, Grand Fuerst, Gepetto, Granville, Gemini and Gelsey. Westfalen stallions: Gusto, Gaillard and Galaxy. Breed show winners: Res. Grand Champion Gabrielle B, Gambit, Gisella, Greta Garbo, Gabelle and Gatlin. Golden Galaxy was USDF Breeders Series and AHS young horse (colt/gelding) year-end champion.
Guarantor has been a goodwill ambassador for the Hanoverian breed. He appeared many times at Equine Affaire in both Columbus, Ohio and Springfield, Massachusetts and at Equitana in Louisville, Kentucky. Here the good-natured Guarantor meets with some young admirers at Equitana.
Grossfurst was one of the most important of Grande's sons and sire of many international competition horses both in dressage and jumping. He stood at the state stud in Celle.

The German State Stud at Celle purchased Guarantor's full brother, one year younger, before he could be sold elsewhere. he was one of only nineteen stallions born in 1983 chosen for this honor from among the approximately 4500 colts born that year.
Grande (Graf/SPS Duellfest/Duellant) stood at stud for a remarkable 25 years (1962-1987) and has left an indelible mark on the Hanoverian breed. Grande is ranked in the German Eternal Top 10 sire list. He was a very versatile sire, due in part to his own bloodlines: on the sire's side the jumping influence of Graf and on the dam's side the dressage influence of Duellant.

He sired more than 40 approved sons, the most famous of which are Garibaldi II, Graphit, Gralsritter and Glander who went on to be influential sires in their own right. Both Grande and his own offspring were noted for producing horses which excelled in dressage and show jumping. Grande's line dominates the sport of dressage in Germany and abroad. He is the grandsire of several Olympic champions including Gifted, Grunox and Gigolo FRH.
One of the oldest, the G-line originated over 100 years ago with the Thoroughbred Stallion Goldschaum v. Flagcolet-Chamant. A review of this stallion line over time shows it is the backbone of solid, versatile, athletic horses produced through the state Stud. They are known for their desire and capacity to work. These horse have proven themselves to be among the most talented competition horses in the world.

Goldfisch II gave the line a difinitive stamp, producing 12 licensed sons, 20 States Premium mares, 183 registered mares and over 100 competition horses. His legacy was passed on through his immortal son Gotthard and grandson Grande. The sons and daughters of these stallions dominated world class competition in the 50's, 60's and 70's. So successful and powerful is this line that after more than 60 years, there were 31 direct descendents standing at the state stud. This was 17.5% of the total stallions available, the greatest number for any line! The famous Grande, who was at stud for 25 years was noted for the performance success of his offspring. With Graf, by Goldfisch II from the jumping side and his Duellant mother, Grande combined the best in dressage and jumping bloodlines. Gotthard, in his time, was noted as the top sire of jumping champions. His noted sons include Fardestern, Gluckstern and Gluckspilz.

The G-Line is reknown as the most important and famous producer of international performance horses in the world both in dressage and jumping. In dressage, these horses are household names: Gifted, Grundstein, Grunox, Gigalo, Graf George, Girogione and Goldstern. Grand Prix and Olympic jumping champions include Gladstone, Everest, Gaylord, Genius, Grand Plaisir, Grandeur and Top Gun.

Three Grande sons achieved great fame as sires. Galsritter developed into a producer of jumpers of international class. Garibaldi II sired the U.S. dressage champion Gifted as well as many show jumpers and Graphit sired the well known dressage sires Grundstein I & II. Grundstein I competed very successfully at Grand Prix level and was the leading sire in the FN rankings among stallions in the top ten percent of their age group in both jumping and dressage from 1988-2000. Graphit also produced Grannus, a top jumping stallion with lifetime earnings of well over five million DM, who in turn produced seven Olympic hoses and more than 60 approved stallions including Graf Grannus, the 2004 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year.

This is truly a line to be preserved and nurtured.

Notes from: The Breeding Aim of the Hanoverian Today and the Most Important Sire Lines by Dr. Jochen Wilken, Breeding Manager, VhW Germany & The G Line... By Judy Hedreen, first Executive Director of the AHS
Aktuell was purchased by Denmark and now stands at the Danish National Stud. His sire Absatz, pictured below, was well noted as one of the most important sires of the Hanoverian breed and produced the stallions Admiral (I and II), Aktuell, Argentan and Akzent (I and II).

Aktuell is known for producing elegant, modern type offspring with noble expression, especially good neck, shoulder and saddle position and freedom of movement. These characteristics are inherited from his sire Absatz. This "A" line crosses especially well with the Grande line, adding elegance to the G-line mares.
Through his son Absatz, the Trakehner stallion Abglanz founded a sire line of international importance. Absatz was the champion stallion of the 1962 Verden licensing. Absatz was a stallion with a very refined head and light, free action. This father and son line has had an enormous influence in refining the Hanoverian from farm horse to modern sport horse. He gave the modern Hanoverian the characteristic and incomparable "Absatz type" which this breed was envied of for a long time and by which this breed still profits in the second and third generations even today. A noble head with an impressive face, ideal neck and saddle position, as well as light-footed paces combined with a good shoulder are the characteristics of his offspring. He was an equally succesful sire of show jumpers and dressage horses.

Absatz was Abglanz's most famous son and sired 37 licensed stallions and 17 fully licensed and approved stallions including Admiral, Andiamo, Aktuell, Akzent I & II, Argenten I & II and Arsenik, Sire of Adios III, Bridlewood Farms first Hanoverian stallion. He also produced 84 States Premium mares and has 823 total registered offspring in Hanover, 446 of which are approved mares in the studbook. Equally impressive are his 348 registered competition offspring whose earnings are 943,787.00 DM.
Cardinal xx stood for only seven years at the Artland private stud of Schmidt-Ankum from 1970-1976. His breeding successes are considered sheer phenomenon when one considers that at this time private stallions were still shunned by the breeding community and he did not have access to the best mares. Cardinal xx had the gift of extracting true gems even from very average mares producing horses of nobility, striking beauty and outstanding rideability. The Cardinal xx offspring were fine jumpers, event though the majority of them went into dressage careers due to their type, excellent rideability and quality of basic gaits.

His most important sons are the Westfalian stallion Carrera, the Hanoverian Cavalier. Producer of sport horses for dressage, showjumping and broodmares, Cavalier is the noted sire of Grand Prix Dressage stallion Danish 2004 Athens Olympic competitor Blue Hors Cavan who placed 9th with rider Lars Peterson, Celle stallion Cordoba (out of Wolkenglanz's dam Bianca). Cardinal xx also sired Calypso (shown in the international jumper arena under the name of "Starman") and approved sons Camaran, Certain, Contreau, Caracas and Cordial.
"Reasons and Effects of Using Thoroughbreds in a Warmblood Breed to Improve Dressage and Jumping Marelines"
Dr. Jochen Wilkens, VhW Manager and Breeding Director - “The American Hanoverian” Winter 2005/2006.

How can we use Thoroughbreds to improve the warmblood breed? We do this by the careful selection of Thoroughbred Stallions to be used. The three reasons for using Thoroughbreds in a warmblood breed to improve dressage and jumping marelines are: 1.) the tendancy for warmbloods to become coarser and heavier over the generations, 2.) 80-90 percent of all riders are female, 3.) the need for charming, mobile and elegant horses which are long legged but not too heavy.

Refinement means improvement of energy, stamina and the ability to perform and stay sound. The Thoroughbred body leads to the refinement of the body and limbs, frequently with a good topline, (shoulders, withers, and croup.).

Says Wilkens, “We must select only suitable stallions and we must learn that breeding means thinking in generations. On the mother’s side we like to see Thoroughbred blood in the first to third generations.”

Noted Thoroughbred sires important to the Hanoverian development which are found in the pedigrees of Bridlewood Farm’s horses include: Augustinus xx (Fabuleux),Black Sky xx (Bordeaux, Donnerkeil, Wolkenglanz), Bleep xx (Bordeaux, Donnerkeil, Wolkenglanz), Cardinal xx (Guarantor), Ladykiller xx (Liandra), Lauries Crusador xx (SPS Laureen), Marcio xx (Werther's Brigitta) and Waidmannsdank xx (Werther's Brigitta).

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