ELITE Hanoverian Stallion Fabuleux
Barbara Schmidt, DVM
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(Fabriano/Augustinus xx/Absatz)
Class I Elite Hanoverian Stallion
1997, 16.3H, Black/Brown
AHS: ES 564
VhW: 31 6000197

Breeder: Klaus and Inge Kuhn, Königslutter, Germany

100-Day Tested in Adelheidsdorf, 2000 (Class I X-Rays)
Overall: 121.94 (Class I status)
Dressage index: 130.45, Jumping: 98.41
Walk 9, Trot 9, Canter 10,
Temperament 9,
Willingness to Work 9

Please enjoy these video clips of Fabuleux.

This video shows Fabuleux under saddle while in Germany.

One of our favorites! Fabuleux at play in Germany.

See some of Fabuleux's incredible ancestors in this video:


Hanoverian Breeding Approval: American Hanoverian Society (AHS) and German Hanoverian Verband (VhW)
Also Fully Approved and Lifetime Breeding License from: ISR/Oldenburg N.A. German Oldenburg Verband(GOV/OHBS), and Canadian Sport Horse Association.

After his licensing in Verden, Fabuleux was purchased by leading international dressage stable, Gestüt Hoeftehof, where he competed successfully with rider Holga Finken as a three year old in large open German riding horse competitions (pictured at left). He was Champion of the Gottingen Riding Horse Championships with a score of 8.7. At the prestigious Norten-Hardenberg show he was awarded Reserve Champion Three Year Old. You can visit Gestüt Hoeftehof at their website: www.gestuet-hoeftehof.de
Dr. Schmidt and her husband purchased and imported Fabuleux with high expectations in his ability to improve upon the North American mare base through his exceptional quality of conformation, movement and rideability. He is a Class I rated Elite Hanoverian stallion and fully licensed and approved with the American Hanoverian Society and the Germand Hanoverian Verband. His first US foal crops have more than exceeded all expectations producing dozens of breed show Champions, Premium foals and AHS Inspection Site Champions! His first three year olds are beginning their under saddle careers and are being lauded for their extreme trainability and rideability!
This photo is of a very young 2 year old Fabuleux. He had not been started under saddle, but in the words of Klaus and Inge Kuhn, who kindly shared this photo, "he looks like a baby, but as fine as a young horse looks..." It is very impressive to compare him to his under saddle photos in Germany and see how he matured and developed!

Thank you Klaus and Inge for sharing this historic photo with everyone to enjoy!
Due to demand from ISR/Oldenburg N.A. breeders, Fabuleux was presented to their judging commission in September, 2005 and where he received his lifetime breeding license and full approval with the ISR/Oldenburg N.A. Association. He received his first Star Award for his outstanding scores in conformation and all gaits at this inspection. He received a second Star Award due to his outstanding German 100-Day Test scores. We are pleased to announce that in 2006 Fabuleux received his third Star Award for siring over 10 Premium foals!

We are pleased to announce that in February of 2007, The German Oldenburg Verband (GOV) awarded provisional approval to Fabuleux into their 2007 Stallion Book. This was based upon Fabuleux's exceptional pedigree, outstanding Class I German 100-Day Test scores and the awarding of several of his foals with GOV Premium Awards in 2005 and 2006. Fabuleux will be evaluated by the GOV judges during their 2007 inspection tour in order to obtain full approval and his lifetime breeding license with the German Oldenburg Verband.
Fabuleux and Dr. Barbara Schmidt enjoy a quiet moment in Fabuleux's pasture at Bridlewood Farm.

This photo featuring Dr. Schmidt and Fabuleux graced the cover of Sidelines Magazine's December 2006 Stallion Issue! Dr. Schmidt was interviewed in an article entitled "There Are Stallions Here" showcasing Bridlewood Farm's breeding operation. The story was artfully photographed by Nan Rawlins of Equimage.com. To learn more about Sidelines, visit www.sidelinesnews.com.

Photo: Nan Rawlins, www.equimage.com
Fabuleux’s sire, Fabriano, was Champion of his 100-Day Test (133.02), placing 4th in dressage (128.55) and first in jumping (132.37).

According to the Hannoveraner Jahrbuch Hengste (Hanoverian Stallion Yearbook), Fabriano scored 136 on his mare’s dressage qualities, 125 on their jumping abilities and 157 on their foundation (leg scores/correctness), making him one of the very few stallions on the Hanoverian Verband’s “Toplist” for siring both outstanding dressage and jumping qualities.

Fabriano has produced eleven approved sons and over 80 state premium mares. To date he has presented 75 candidates and 21 foals for the Verden elite auctions.
Dr. Wilkens, managing director of the VhW, calls Fabriano “one of the best performance horse producers of Hannover’s breeding program today.” Fabriano passes on to his progeny elasticity, very good gaits, jumping ability and rideability together with a very good character.

Most German breeders know of the wonderful temperament, willing attitude and work ethic given by Fabriano. Rideability is of utmost importance to the vast majority of competitors today.
Today, Fabriano is standing at the world reknown Celle State Stud in Germany. He good naturedly enjoys his visitors. Pictured is Dr. Barbara Schmidt (left) and Hanoverian breeder Debra Crockett Maddux (right) of Legend Hill Farm with Fabriano during a recent trip to Germany.

Olympic rider Debbie McDonald's next star performer is the Hanoverian gelding Felix (Fabriano-SPS Alexa/Argentinus xx/Argentan(Absatz)) owned by Peggy Thomas. In his first serious debut at the Burbank CDI, he won his warm-up Prix St. Georges class with a 68.750% and then place third in the CDI Prix St. Georges (66.950%) and second in the CDI Intermediaire I (70.050%). Felix demonstrated to the crowd that he is preparing to follow America's top Olympic dressage horse, Brentina (Bolero/Grande), into the dressage limelight. Felix is a 3/4 brother to Fabuleux.

During the 2005 AHS inspection tour, 186 Hanoverian mares were presented. Out of the 31 sites, there were only two overall "8.0" mares. One of the two highest in the country was EMC Fallon SLH (Fabriano x Weltlady/Wetuhum. She was also the highest scoring Mare Performance Test mare in the country, out of 98 mares tested, with a superb overall score of 8.5. She scored a 9 in rideability. Owner/breeder: Nona Henderson, Woodinville, Washington.
Fabriano continues to play a strong role in performance bloodlines. Two offspring out of Fabriano mares placed in the prestigious 2008 World Championships of young dressage horses held in Verden, Germany. Wells Fargo (Welser/Fabriano) under rider Kathrin Meyer zu Stohen, and bred by Karl Klüber, placed fifth in the five-year old class. Judges were impressed by the gelding's relaxed movement and good implusion as well as a rhythmical, ground-covering walk using his entire body.
Waioni (Waikiki/Fabriano) with rider/co-owner Mareike Mondrowski became Bundeschampionesse in the six-year old division for dressage horses in Warendorf. In the 2008 World Championships of young dressage horses held in Verden, Germany. six-year old division, Waioni (Waikiki/Fabriano) placed 8th under rider Mareike Mondrowski and bred by Elvira Götting. The pair also have had numerous victories in riding horse and dressage classes at the A and L Levels.
Waioni's full brother sold at Verden's stallions sales in 2005 as a non-licensed stallion for 32,000 euro to the Netherlands.
In 1989 a line which goes back to Zenebog and Fling was divided into two parts, the W-line and the F-line. Fling's son Feiner Kerl was one of the most important influences of his time on the Hanoverian breed, producing 114 sons. His legendary stallion son Ferdinand was the most important producer of Hanoverian jumping horses from 1944 to 1967.

Winnetou, Wendekind and Wendekreis were three prominent Ferdinand sons. Wendekreis produced many stallions including Werther, whose mother was sired by the Thorougbred stallion Marcio xx. Werther was noted as a good stallion for siring both jumping and dressage horses. He is the sire of the well known Celle stallion Feiner Graf. In 1992, Werther was the first stallion to be awarded "Hanoverian Stallion of the Year" by the German Hanoverian Verband (VhW).

Fabriano is very popular among the younger F-line stallions. He is by the Wendekreis/Duellan son Wenduelan out of a dam by Azur/Absatz. Dr. Wilkens, managing director of the VhW, calls Fabriano “one of the best performance horse producers of Hannover’s breeding program today.” The F-line continues to produce versatile horses with superb conformation, gaits and rideability.

Notes from: The Breeding Aim of the Hanoverian Today and the Most Important Sire Lines by Dr. Jochen Wilken, Breeding Manager, VhW Germany.
Fabuleux’s dam, SPS Auguste (Augustinus xx/Absatz), pictured at left at the 1988 Ratje-Niebuhr Show, full sister to licensed stallion Aquamarin, was an immensely successful broodmare and producer of four States Premium mares and two licensed stallions. She represents six generations of SPS mares. Her offspring have in turn produced States Premium mares and successful German sport horses.

Fabuleux offers proven performance genetics to American breeders through the carefully selected combination of one of Germany’s most successful Hanoverian mare families and his exceptional sire, Fabriano. Again, the mare line is stressed since it is the importance of selecting performance tested and proven riding mares which has been proven to produce quality competition offspring.
SPS Auguste and her daughters have won many important championships at German Mare Shows. Pictured are her States Premium daughters winning the Champion Family at the 1999, 2000 and 2001 District Mare Shows in which SPS Auguste's family won Champion Family unprecedented three years in a row.

In 2005, once again, Fabuleux's full sister SPS Fabienne and her daughters StPr Shari (Sherlock Holmes) and IA-priced Raphina (Rosentau) won the title Elite Mare Family and were named Champion Mare Family of the District Mare show in Königslutter.

For the 4th time this mare family of SPS Auguste won the prestigious Heinrich-Sperling-Gedächtnis-Preis, which is given every two years for the Champion Mare Family.

The reknown Louis-Wiegels District Show is held only once every eight years. In 1997, three States Premium daughters, including SPS Franzi and SPS Fabienne, two full sisters of Fabuluex out of SPS Auguste, were named "Champions of Mare Family Class".

To learn more about Fabuleux's impressive mare family visit www.augustehof.de.
Two close relatives to Fabuleux are rising to the forefront of the competitive dressage world.

La Rhani (Londonderry/Sherlock Holmes/Fabriano) bred by Fabuleux's breeders, Klaus and Inge Kuhn, Germany descends from Fabuluex's dam SPS Auguste and his full sister SPS Fabienne. One of the very top sellers at the 2008 Spring Elite Auction in Verden, this four year old mare was sold to world reknown German Olympic Dressage Competitor Isabell Werth for 130,000 euros!

To see many more photos of La Rhani and other Fabuleux relatives visit www.augustehof.de.

In the USA, Felix (Fabriano/Augustus xx/Argentan/Absatz) is the highly successful rising star of FEI Competitor Debbie McDonald. The pair recently were champions of the 2009 USDF Hanoverian All-Breeds Grand Prix Open Division with the impressive score of 68.128% Felix is owned by Peggy Thomas and bred by Klaus Schaper, Germany.
(Clockwise from top left) SPS Fabienne was a multiple champion at German mare shows and has produced 2 States Premium daughters who both received over 8.0 on their mare performance tests.

SPS Franzi was the Champion of her Mare Performance Test over 45 mares with a score of 8.5. She is a multiple Mare show Champion as well as a successful dressage competitor and Champion. SPS Franzi is also a member of the Hanoverian show jumping program.

SPS Floria Tosca was also Champion of her Mare Performance Test over 45 mares with a score of 8.56. She was awarded the best MPT scores in the entire breeding region. (Walk 8, Trot 9, Canter 9, Rideability 9, Jumping 8) She has multiple championships in dressage competitions. Her son by Dauphine, Don Presidente (pictured below), placed 2nd at the 2008 stallion testing in Adelheidsdorf.

SPS Freyja is the fourth and youngest sister of Fabuleux. She is currently successful in German Mare Shows and undersaddle competitions.
Don Presidente (Dauphine/SPS Floria Tosca/Fabriano/SPS Auguste) placed second in the 2008 Stallion Testing in Adelheidsdorf. Out of SPS Floria Tosca, Fabuleux's full sister, he is yet another example of this suceessful bloodline!
(Alabaster x SPS Floria Tosca/Fabriano) SPS Ananova won both her Mare Class and the Championship of the 2008 Mare Show in Germany. She is also successful under saddle. Her dam is a full sister of Fabuleux. To see more photos and video of SPS Ananova and other successful horses in Fabuleux's pedigree visit www.augustehof.de
Born in 1976, Augustinus xx was an important refining sire and was a top producer of modern type dressage and jumping horses. He stood at Celle from 1983-1998. Augustinus xx is the sire of the immensely successful broodmare Auguste, full sister to the licensed stallion Aquamarin who was highly successful as a dressage horse with 27,235 DM in earnings. He has produced 13 licensed sons including Ajour, Amoroso, Augustiner and Aquamarin who are entered in the stallion book. Aquamarin is a well known dressage stallion with over 27,2035 DM in earnings. Augustinus xx has 23 States Premium mares and over 484 registered offspring to his credit. Another well known dressage offspring is Ashanti with over 27,975 DM in earnings.
"Reasons and Effects of Using Thoroughbreds in a Warmblood Breed to Improve Dressage and Jumping Marelines"
Dr. Jochen Wilkens, VhW Manager and Breeding Director - “The American Hanoverian” Winter 2005/2006.

How can we use Thoroughbreds to improve the warmblood breed? We do this by the careful selection of Thoroughbred Stallions to be used. The three reasons for using Thoroughbreds in a warmblood breed to improve dressage and jumping marelines are: 1.) the tendancy for warmbloods to become coarser and heavier over the generations, 2.) 80-90 percent of all riders are female, 3.) the need for charming, mobile and elegant horses which are long legged but not too heavy.

Refinement means improvement of energy, stamina and the ability to perform and stay sound. The Thoroughbred body leads to the refinement of the body and limbs, frequently with a good topline, (shoulders, withers, and croup.).

Says Wilkens, “We must select only suitable stallions and we must learn that breeding means thinking in generations. On the mother’s side we like to see Thoroughbred blood in the first to third generations.”

Noted Thoroughbred sires important to the Hanoverian development which are found in the pedigrees of Bridlewood Farm’s horses include: Augustinus xx (Fabuleux),Black Sky xx (Bordeaux, Donnerkeil, Wolkenglanz), Bleep xx (Bordeaux, Donnerkeil, Wolkenglanz), Cardinal xx (Guarantor), Ladykiller xx (Liandra), Lauries Crusador xx (SPS Laureen), Marcio xx (Werther's Brigitta) and Waidmannsdank xx (Werther's Brigitta).
Through his son Absatz, the Trakehner stallion Abglanz founded a sire line of international importance. Absatz was the champion stallion of the 1962 Verden licensing. Absatz was a stallion with a very refined head and light, free action. This father and son line has had an enormous influence in refining the Hanoverian from farm horse to modern sport horse. He gave the modern Hanoverian the characteristic and incomparable "Absatz type" which this breed was envied of for a long time and by which this breed still profits in the second and third generations even today. A novle head with an impressive face, ideal neck and saddle position, as well as light-footed paces combined with a good shoulder are the characteristics of his offspring.

Absatz was his Abglanz's most famous son and sired 37 licensed stallions and 17 fully licensed and approved stallions including Admiral, Andiamo, Aktuell, Akzent I & II, Argenten I & II and Arsenik, Sire of Adios II, Bridlewood Farms first Hanoverian stallion. He also produced 84 States Premium mares and has 823 total registered offspring in Hanover, 446 of which are approved mares in the studbook. Equally impressive are his 348 registered competition offspring whose earnings are 943,787.00 DM.
Wendekreis is regarded as one of the most influential stallions of the past few decades and is well known as a producer of riding horses with excellent trainability. He was a noted producer of sport horses and sired over 50 approved stallions and 400 Main Studbook Mares in Germany including Werther, the 1992 Hanoverian "Stallion of the Year".

Wendekreis was sired by Ferdinand. A mainstay of the part-Thoroughbred Feiner Kerl F-line, Ferdinand became famous as one of the best producers of jumpers in the world. Ferdinand stood at Celle in troubled post-war Germany when horse breeding and riding sport were at an all time low. Most breeders were more prone to keep their fillies during these hard times and it was not until Ferdl, the most famous son of Ferdinand, won the Olympic gold medal in Rome with rider Alwin Schockemöhle, in the Prize of nations that Ferdinand gained notoriety.
Fabuleux's full sister, SPS Floria Tosca is the dam of the up and coming dressage stallion Don Presidente (Dauphin). Bred by Fabuleux's breeders Klaus and Inge Kuhn, Don Presidente has now been sold to the Netherlands after standing at Celle.

Photo: Don Presidente under Obersattelmeister Klaus during a stallion presentation at Celle. See a video of Don Presidente at www.augustehof.de

To visit the website of the Kuhns and learn more about Fabuleux's breeders go to

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