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Registration Number: 31 4411595
Hanoverian Breeding Approval:
AHS, VhW, ISR/OLD NA, GOV, Canadian Sport Horse Association
Color/Markings: Gray
Height: 17.1 h
Date of Birth: 5/15/95
Breeder: Bernd Bremer, Germany
Year Licensed: 1997 Verden, Germany
Performance Test: Approval based on Dressage Performance

Owner: Tina M. Konyot


While living in Germany, FEI dressage competitor, Tina Konyot purchased Liberty just after his Hanoverian Stallion Licensing in Verden when he was 2 ½ years old.

His sire is the legendary Lauries Crusador xx, the most sucessful thoroughbred improvement sire in the Hanoverian breed today and 2006 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year. As listed in the "Hannoveraner Jehrbuch Hengst", Lauries Crusador xx has exceptional breeding values for dressage type and has greatly influenced the improvement of gaits and rideability.

Liberty and Tina formed a strong partnership with each other right from the beginning. With Tina, Liberty performed all of his training up to Grand Prix level. Liberty was exceptionally easy to train, highly intelligent and always presented a great work ethic.
Liberty's very first competition, (at 7 years of age), was at the Prix St. Georges level on the competitive Florida Dressage Circuit. He WON this very first PSG competition with the excellent score of 70.58% in Wellington, Florida!

Liberty’s impressive USDF competition record includes:

2002 Florida Dressage Classic:
Prix St. Georges—first place 70.58%

2002 Palm Beach Derby:
Prix St. Georges—first place 66.7%
Intermediaire I 64.7%

2003 Southern Comfort:
Prix St. Georges—first place 67.12%

2003 Miami Dressage CDI:
Prix St. Georges—second place 68.25%
Intermediaire I—fourth place 66.9%

2003 Palm Beach Derby CDI:
Prix St. Georges, first place 71%
Intermediaire I—first place 70.9%

2003 WEF Dressage Classic:
Prix St. Georges, first place 67.9%
Intermediaire I—first place 68.5%

2003 Dressage at Equestrian Estates:
Prix St. Georges, second place 70.9%
Intermediaire II—second place 71.45%

2003 Ox Ridge Dressage:
Prix St. Georges, first place 67.5%
Intermediaire I—first place 68.1%

2004 Southern Comfort:
Intermediaire II—second place 66.7%

2004 Florida Dressage Classic:
Intermediaire II—fourth place 64.69%

2004 Pine Meadow:
Grand Prix—two first place finishes 67.5% and 66.4%

2005 Gold Coast Opener:
Grand Prix—third 63.2%

2005 Florida Dressage Classic
Grand Prix—third place 65.8%

Liberty and Tina Konyot formed a strong partnership right after his purchase as a 2 ½ year old at his German Hanoverian Stallion Licensing. Liberty received all of his training up to Grand Prix level with Tina.

Tina comments, "Liberty was the easiest horse I've ever trained...He learned quicker than any other...It was very easy to teach him flying changes. In one week he learned his one-tempis!"


Liberty was exceptionally easy to train, highly intelligent and always presented a great work ethic. He is an exceedingly kind stallion and certainly loves human interaction at all times!

Photos: &
Due to a non-work related injury, Liberty was unable to continue at the Grand Prix level.

Liberty is now retired from both competition and stallion service and is enjoying a true life of liberty.
Always a gentleman with a big heart and an exceptional temperament....

Bridlewood Farm and Liberty congratulate Tina Konyot and her 9 yr old Danish Warmblood stallion, Calecto V on their outstanding dressage success at the 2009 Dressage at Devon! She was second in the Grand Prix and won the $10,000 Grand Prix Musical Freestyle by a large margin (72+%) and was the winner of the highest combined Grand Prix and Grand Prix Musical Freestyle!! The pair were reserve Champions at Sagraties, NY CDI Grand Prix two weeks ago which was only Calecto V's 4th Grand Prix ever. Tina's winning ride can be viewed on youtube!

"Tina Konyot is no stranger to the highest levels of dressage competition, placing 7th in the 2004 Olympic Selection trial with Anna Karenina..." Tina's recent Grand Prix successes at Dressage at Devon with her young horse Calecto V, is highlighted in the October 9th issue of the Chornicle of the Horse! More information about Tina is also available on her web site at

Easy to handle and with a kind demeanor, Liberty shown here with Bridlewood Farm manager, Emily Schappacher enjoys one of his first days of turnout at Bridlewood Farm. As you can see, he enjoys meeting new people and is well liked by our staff.
Called "the bay refiner", Lauries Crusador xx began with a racing career in England. He retired with stakes winnings of almost twenty thousand pounds. His noted racing sire, Welsh Pageant xx, was a successful racehorse winning 11 races and £53,527. His dam, Square Note xx won over hurdles as well as on the flat, and produced many winners as well.

Lauries Crusador xx came to the State Stud Celle in 1991 as a five year old, via the Dutch stallion owner, Henk Nijhoff and the former Director of the Holstein Verband, Maas Hell – who later became one of Germany’s biggest private stallion owners. Stationed at the Landesbrück breeding station, he impressed the breeders with his presence, quality and exceptional movement.

His career as a breeding stallion has exceeded all expectations. He has 1,560 registered offspring in Hanover, 349 registered broodmares, and 103 States Premium Mares (or candidates) and 546 registed competiton horses. As listed in the "Hannoveraner Jahrbuch Hengste" (Stallion Yearbook) he has exceptional breeding values for dressage, type - especially in the areas of head, saddle position, frame, limbs and elegance in type. Lauries Crusador xx has also consistently shown influence in the areas of improving gaits and rideability.

He has 39 licensed sons, 13 of them being registered into the premium stallion register. Bridlewood Farm's SPS Laureen's full brother, Longchamp was purchased by the state stud. Longchamp was an easy winner of the dressage section of his performance test, and was reserve champion at the Bundeschampionate in 1995. Since then Longchamp has progressed to FEI level dressage with his rider, Wolfhard Witte. Other noted offspring include FEI competition horses Laurentianer, LeBo, Little Big Man, Danish Olympic competitor Louis Heslegard, 2004 Athens Olympic Competitor Lesotho, breeding stallions Lancier and Laurentio and the exceptional dressage competitors and outstanding sires Londonderry, Londonbeat, and Laudabilis.
In 2006, Lauries Crusador xx made history by becoming the first Thoroughbred stallion to be named Hanoverian Stallion of the Year!

Dr Ludwig Christmann, deputy breeding director of the Hanoverian Verband commented on Lauries Crusador xx in a recent interview:
"Definitely Lauries Crusador xx and his sons will play a major role in the Hanoverian bloodlines in the next few years. A Thoroughbred stallion like him who in the first generation produces Grand Prix horses, is very rare. Already there is Lesotho with Ellen Schulten-Baumer, and Le Beau in northern Germany with Mr Koch. Falk Rosenbauer has been very successful at Prix St Georges with Little Big Man. We don't expect this of a Thoroughbred stallion. Often it is the second cross, not the first cross, but we are lucky with Lauries Crusador who has produced good stallion sons like Longchamp and Londonderry, and they will play a big role."
Babara Schmidt, DVM always makes a point to visit Lauries Crusador xx on her trips to Germany to attend the Hanoverian Stallion Licensing in Verden. In 2006, she was thrilled to attend the prestious ceremony in which Lauries was crowned Hanoverian Stallion of the Year!

...Quite an accomplishment for this thoroughbred improvement sire, well known as an acclaimed producer of truly outstanding Licensed Stallions, SPS mares and International competition horses!
A Thoroughbred stallion, who in the first generation produces Grand Prix horses, is very rare; Lauries Crusador exceeded all expectations with Lesotho, Le Bo, and the Prix St Georges competitor Little Big Man.

Londonderry won the Riding Stallion Championship at the Bundeschampionate in 1999 and was Reserve Champion in 2001. Owned by the Celle State Stud, Londonderry has become an important sire in his own right siring well over a dozen Licensed and fully approved stallion sons.

Longchamp is an elegant Hanoverian son of Lauries Crusador. He won the dressage section of his Stallion Performance Test in 1995 with exceptional scores for all three gaits, character, temperament and rideability. Longchamp placed second out of 43 stallions in his performance test Dressage section with his outstanding score of 157.52! He was Reserve Champion in his age group at the 1995 German Bundeschampionate(National Championship for young horses). He competed and stood for many years at the Celle State stud until he was sold to further pursue his competitive FEI dressage career.

Lancier so far has produced six stallion sons and the noted Lanceur. He is the dam sire of the recent Hanoverian stallion licensing winner and stallion performance test winner, Dancier. Lancier's rideability deserves special attention, his talent for dressage was confirmed at his stallion performance test where he achieved highest marks in all partial results and a 9 for willingness to perform.

Laurentianer won his stallion performance test in 1997. With rider Michael Farwick, he became world champion in the competition for six-year-old dressage horses. He has been highly praised by his riders as "a finely tuned horse who wants to do everything right." As a sire, he is a producer of licensed stallions and elite auction horses.
Barbara Schmidt, DVM found herself meeting a Hanoverian legend, Longchamp by Lauries Crusador xx/Eisenherz I/Duden II on a visit to the Celle State Stud.

Bridlewood Farm's SPS Laureen (Lauries Crusador xx/Eisenherz I/Duden II) is a full sister to Longchamp and one of our most cherished broodmares.

Longchamp is one of the few Hanoverian stallions to be highly successful as an FEI dressage competitor while maintaining an active book of mares at the State Stud in Celle. We are thrilled to have a full sister of Longchamp in our breeding program at Bridlewood Farm!
"Reasons and Effects of Using Thoroughbreds in a Warmblood Breed to Improve Dressage and Jumping Marelines"
Dr. Jochen Wilkens, VhW Manager and Breeding Director - “The American Hanoverian” Winter 2005/2006.

How can we use Thoroughbreds to improve the warmblood breed? We do this by the careful selection of Thoroughbred Stallions to be used. The three reasons for using Thoroughbreds in a warmblood breed to improve dressage and jumping marelines are: 1.) the tendancy for warmbloods to become coarser and heavier over the generations, 2.) 80-90 percent of all riders are female, 3.) the need for charming, mobile and elegant horses which are long legged but not too heavy.

Refinement means improvement of energy, stamina and the ability to perform and stay sound. The Thoroughbred body leads to the refinement of the body and limbs, frequently with a good topline, (shoulders, withers, and croup.).

Says Wilkens, “We must select only suitable stallions and we must learn that breeding means thinking in generations. On the mother’s side we like to see Thoroughbred blood in the first to third generations.”

Noted Thoroughbred sires important to the Hanoverian development which are found in the pedigrees of Bridlewood Farm’s horses include: Augustinus xx (Fabuleux), Black Sky xx (Donnerkeil), Bleep xx (Donnerkeil), Cardinal xx (Gisella, Guarantor), Ladykiller xx (Liandra), Lauries Crusador xx (Liberty, SPS Laureen), Marcio xx (Gisella, Werther's Brigitta) and Waidmannsdank xx (Gisella, Werther's Brigitta).
According to the Hannoversches Hengstbuch, Gimpel has been colorfully described as "Hard as Iron". He is a beautiful large-framed, and impressive stallion, with correct legs and conformation that lends itself to athleticism in all disciplines.

Gimpel's 100-Day Stallion Test results (Class I with 121.63 points, 5th out of 34) were very good over all with his ridebility and jumping ability at the forefront as well as an impressive powerful canter.

Jens Meyer of Jens Meyer Hengststation, Dorum, Germany, home of many noted Hanoverian stallions recalls the talented grey stallion. "I rode Gimpel for five years while he was at the State Stud in Celle--I liked him very much. I competed with him at 1.5 meter jumping events; he could also do passage and piffafe very well and was ridden successfully in dressage competitions." Jens also comments, "Because of my high regard for Gimpel, the first stallion we purchased to stand at Hengststation Jens Meyer was the Gimpel son, Gromitz."

Gimpel is currently at the Stallion Station Frankenburg. He passes on excellent jumping ability and technique, and an exceptional ground-covering canter and gallop. Gimpel's exceptional talent as a riding stallion excelling in jumping has served his use very well in the German Hanoverian Breeding program.
Gardestern was a noble stallion who was deemed very rideable at his 100-Day Stallion Test (placing 7th overall) with his strong points being his walk and canter, jumping ability and character as stated in the Hannoversches Hengstbuch.

He was the son of Gothard, who was known as the best producer of jumping horses in the world and his influence continues. Type-wise, Gotthard descendants have continually improved over the generations, without losing the jumping ability. Gardestern, who died early, is still regarded as his best son, and is a leading sire of jumping horses in Germany. Gardestern had three sons in the State Stud. One of whom, Glueckstern, unfortunately died in 1987 after standing only three years. Glueckstern won his stallion licensing and the 1989 licensing nearly belonged to him. Four of his sons were licensed and two were taken in the first lot by the State Stud at Celle. The very high hopes for the Gardestern sons Gimpel and Goldfasan have certainly been met through their many noted offspring.
One of the oldest, the G-line originated over 100 years ago with the Thoroughbred Stallion Goldschaum v. Flagcolet-Chamant. A review of this stallion line over time shows it is the backbone of solid, versatile, athletic horses produced through the state Stud. They are known for their desire and capacity to work. These horse have proven themselves to be among the most talented competition horses in the world.

Goldfisch II gave the line a difinitive stamp, producing 12 licensed sons, 20 States Premium mares, 183 registered mares and over 100 competition horses. His legacy was passed on through his immortal son Gotthard and grandson Grande. The sons and daughters of these stallions dominated world class competition in the 50's, 60's and 70's. So successful and powerful is this line that after more than 60 years, there were 31 direct descendents standing at the state stud. This was 17.5% of the total stallions available, the greatest number for any line! The famous Grande, who was at stud for 25 years was noted for the performance success of his offspring. With Graf, by Goldfisch II from the jumping side and his Duellant mother, Grande combined the best in dressage and jumping bloodlines. Gotthard, in his time, was noted as the top sire of jumping champions. His noted sons include Fardestern, Gluckstern and Gluckspilz.

The G-Line is reknown as the most important and famous producer of international performance horses in the world both in dressage and jumping. In dressage, these horses are household names: Gifted, Grundstein, Grunox, Gigalo, Graf George, Girogione and Goldstern. Grand Prix and Olympic jumping champions include Gladstone, Everest, Gaylord, Genius, Grand Plaisir, Grandeur and Top Gun.

Three Grande sons achieved great fame as sires. Galsritter developed into a producer of jumpers of international class. Garibaldi II sired the U.S. dressage champion Gifted as well as many show jumpers and Graphit sired the well known dressage sires Grundstein I & II. Grundstein I competed very successfully at Grand Prix level and was the leading sire in the FN rankings among stallions in the top ten percent of their age group in both jumping and dressage from 1988-2000. Graphit also produced Grannus, a top jumping stallion with lifetime earnings in excess of 5,000,000DM, who in turn produced seven Olympic horses and more than 60 approved stallions including Graf Grannus, 2004 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year.

This is truly a line to be preserved and nurtured.
Notes from: The Breeding Aim of the Hanoverian Today and the Most Important Sire Lines by Dr. Jochen Wilken, Breeding Manager, VhW Germany & The G Line by Judy Hedreen.

Sires such as Gotthard, Grande and Grannus have written breeding history. Currently, the Hanoverian Verband is encouraging breeders to use and maintain the valuable Hanoverian G-line for their "performance ability, performance capacity and stamina" as evidenced by three G-line sons being featured in the upcoming Stallion Licensing in Verden October 22-24, 2009.
Don Carlos was one of the most successful sires of Hanoverian jumping horses after World War II.

Stationed in Grobenwörden all his life, he produced 283 principal studbook mares (43 went on to become States Premium mares), 24 approved stallion sons including Don Juan, 1997 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year, as well as 467 competition horses who won DM1,300,000 in prize money.

His most famous sons, aside from Drosselklang I and II, are the Celle stallions, Don Pedro, 1997 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year-Don Juan and Dynamo (sires of the acclaimed International Grand Prix jumping sensations Genesis and Moet & Chandon Dollar Girl, respectively).

1997 Stallion of the Year, Don Juan by Don Carlos consistently produced some of the most expensive horses at the Verden Riding horse Auctions. Dynamo by Don Carlos is highly acclaimed for producing some of Europe's top show jumpers with not only outstanding jumping talent, but also with very good gaits and temperament.

A second Don Carlos son, Drosselklang II was chosen as 2001 Hanoverian stallin of the Year. "The good mind we find in him is also typical for his offspring and he is one of the top sires in the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program." Donnerlitchen, Dorian, Donrincord, Dobel's Frechdachs, Skyboy, Delany, and Bella Donna contibute on an international level to further the excellent reputation of this Celle state stallion. "In Drosselklang II we find classic bloodlines in a modern appearance, ready for the next century."
Don Carlos produced many successful sons and daughters. One of the most noted being Drosselklang II. At the 2001 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing in Verden, Germany, the Celle owned Drosselklang II was celebrated as the Hanoverian Stallion of the Year.

Drosselklang II was born in 1984 at Hagenah's breeding stable. His dam, Forstlady, already produced a list of top competing horses of which full brother Diavolo was successful under Peter Schmitz in show jumping. Manager of the Celle State Stud, Dr Burchard Bade, already acquired Drosselklang I in 1985 where he served for five years as breeding stallion. Drosselklang II, however, grew up in the stable of Heinrich v. Allwörden in Krautsand, Germany. At the Verden Stallion Market in 1986, Drosselklang II had to compete against the well known Weltmeyer I and easily stood out with the best show jumping scores. The bay stallion moved to the breeding station in Berglage where he still stands at stud today.

Drosselklang II is currently one of the last licensed stallions with Don Carlos blood in his pedigree. Drosselklang II is a top producer in the program for Hanoverian Show Jumper Breeding.
Don Carlos is well known as a sire of outstanding International competition horses, highly regarded licensed stallions and SPS mares.

Among the most famous of his sons are Drosselklang I and II (2001 Stallion of the Year), Don Juan, Dynamo and Don Pedro. 1997 Hanoverian Stallion of the Year, Don Juan as well as Don Pedro are highly respected as producers of jumpers.

Dynamo is considered one of Hannover's best jumper producers and had been listed as #2 living stallion in production of winning dressage and jumping show horses. Dynamo has sired 30 State Premium Mares and 12 Approved Stallions. His most famous offspring is the international sensation, Dollar Girl.
Dynamo is considered one of Hannover's best jumper producers and had been listed as #2 living stallion in production of winning dressage and jumping show horses. Dynamo has sired 30 State Premium Mares and 12 Approved Stallions. His most famous offspring is the international sensation, Dollar Girl (Dynamo x Salem).

The highest winning sum ever at the Verden summer auction was achieved by Dollar Girl (DM 13,000). She was successfully shown by rider Thomas Fuchs with double clear rounds in The Nations Cups. She won The World Cup with Nick Skelton. She now begins her new career as broodmare at the Alfonso Romo yard.

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